German for "Garden of Air"
Luftgarten is out as of now!  Order your DVD today for only $20!  Free shipping to anywhere in the world!

Trailer! (22mb mpeg video) - 1:34

From the juggler who brought you "Matter Over Mind" comes Luftgarten, the newest installment in the Juggling Insanity series of films.  Praised for both his creativity and skill, juggler Michael Karas explores literally hundreds of new juggling ideas using traditional and not-so-traditional juggling props in Luftgarten.
Michael is known for his attention to music and choreography and this newest film proves why.  Each specific segment, categorized by prop or idea, is painstakingly choreographed to fit with the music and provide an upbeat, exciting juggling experience.  If you are interested in adding a breath of fresh air to your own juggling, purchase Luftgarten from Juggling Insanity.  You won't be disappointed.
Things You Won't See On This Video: World Records Being Broken, 5 club alberts, 7 ring crotch combinations, 9 ball pirouettes, me reading off of cue cards.
Things You Will See On This Video: Reverse Rubenstein's and Romeo's Revenge (w/ clubs), lots of catching clubs on the wrong end, the bizarre box shuffle, the crossed arm robot, rolling siteswaps, contortionist headplants, a 5 "half-ring" flash, a contortionist kickup, blind headplants, 441 Mills Mess (w/ rings), and a bloody lip. 







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