New Videos!!
Normal Like You = 63.8mb WMV
Kineticut = 53.8mb WMV

Karas Kwickies Series:
Explanation: "Karas Kwickies" started during the third week of October 2006.  My goal is to make a juggling video every week 1 minute or less in length that shows various juggling ideas I am working on.  Anything from routines to tricks to requests can be shown.  The goal of the series is to provide a consistently unique and entertaining outlet for my juggling.
                   1)Karas Kwickie #1 - 12.4mb WMV
                   2)Karas Kwickie #2 - 13.9mb WMV
                   3)Karas Kwickie #3 - 13.7mb WMV
                   4)Karas Kwickie #4 - 14.1mb WMV
                   5)Karas Kwickie #5 - 14.4mb WMV
                   6)Karas Kwickie #6 - 55.3mb WMV
                   7)Karas Kwickie #7 - 14.4mb WMV
                   8)Karas Kwickie #8 - 14.5mb WMV
                   9)Karas Kwickie #9 - 16.5mb WMV
                   L)Lost Kwickie - See on YouTube
                   C)Karas Kwickie Complete - 93.6mb WMV

Feature Length Film Series:
Explanation: Every few years I create full length videos chronicling my work as a juggler.  These videos range from 20-40 minutes long and are the products of many hours of blood, sweat, and tears.  Enjoy.   
                   1)Matter Over Mind - 48mb WMV

WJF Rule-Breaking Series:
Explanation:  Having read the rules for a certain juggling competition, I decided to create a series of videos that draw inspiration through the breaking of these rules.  There will be four total videos in the complete collection.
                    1)Wrong End - 40mb MPEG

Music Video Series:
Explanation: Music always comes first in my juggling creations but this series takes that to the extreme.  Rather than simply coinciding with the music, these juggling videos help to illustrate the music itself.
                   1)Heart of a Champion - 9.2mb WMV (3:42)

Joe DiNoto Series:
Explanation: I met Joe DiNoto at the 2004 IJA Festival in Buffalo, NY and we've been friends ever since.  When Joe came to Pittsburgh to get his Masters degree, we couldn't help but find time to form somewhat of a video-making partnership.  These are our adventures so far:
                   1)Juggling in Pittsburgh - 58mb MPEG
                   2)Juggling at Posvar - 29mb MP4
                   3)Juggling Class - 30mb MP4

If there's a trick you'd like me to record, simply e-mail me at and I'll do my best to upload it to the site for you.