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The Karasel of Progress
Wed, Jun 11 2008
Selebrity Sircus
Mood:  quizzical
Topic: Trends

So for those of you who didn't catch it, tonight in America we saw the world premiere of "Celebrity Circus", a new show on NBC with ringmaster Joey Fatone and a host of B and C list celebrities doing circus stunts with help from professionals.

First of all, let me remind all jugglers that none of the celebrities learned to be an amazing juggler in 8 weeks.  's just not possible, haha, and we proved it again, albeit in abcence only.

That being said, there was really no juggling on the show besides a short little three torch cascade and these aquarmarine twins doing ring ultimates with each other while leaning towards each other.  Is non-dangerous juggling only interesting if it's fast?  Man, I guess that's a topic for another time...

Anyway, I definitely have some reservations about the show and will be curious to see if it ever gets to a second season.  Honestly, I could live a happy life without tuning in to see who gets kicked off next week.  I'm rooting for Peter Brady, Wee Man, and/or the Clueless actress because they seemed to be the most genuine of everyone.  But at the end of the day, it's just another American Idol, but less exciting because these semi-celebrities have nothing to lose.  So what if they get "kicked off"?  They're still richer than all of us combined.

Anyway, the last thing I want to point out is a music issue.  As dull as the show was at points, I was pleasantly surprised to hear that three of the music choices for circus acts were off the top 40 pop list.  Maybe not the current one, but definitely within the last year - most notable were Britney Spears (Gimme More), Rihanna (Shut up and Drive), and Timbaland with One Republic (Apologize.)  This excited me because I've always wanted to see circus acts set to modern hip-hop music.  I've done it but honestly, most jugglers stay away from what's current on the charts.  This made me excited for what someday may catch on - the hip-hop circus generation if you will.  What better way to get young people excited in circus arts than by using the music they already know and love?  

Well, it's always been a pipe dream of mine to have or see a circus which choreographs kick-ass acts to pop music.  I'm sure most circus afficionados would frown upon this but I think it's an experiment worth trying, and I'm glad NBC gave it a whirl instead of trying to stick to what they think people might expect to hear in a "circus" setting.

Any thoughts about the show? 

Posted by Michael at 11:41 PM EDT
Updated: Wed, Jun 11 2008 11:54 PM EDT
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Thu, Jun 12 2008 - 6:08 PM EDT

Name: "Tom Butterwortth"
Home Page:

We have a show like this in the UK, Cirque du Celebretae (not sure if that's spelt right but they spell it weird), with Ruby Wax as ringmaster. I've also noticed a severe lack of jugglers, in both the "celebrities" and the actual performers teaching, is odd. But, on the other hand what the serious contenders achieve in terms of aerial is quite impressive for their time scale, but in the end of it all it's a big popularity contest that'd just using the circus as a gimick.


Chances are the se of hip-hop was to give viewers something to recognise, but it's still cool to see that. I do all my routines to ska for love of the music and words, although avoided by some other friends.


Keep up the interesting blogs :)


Wed, Jun 18 2008 - 1:56 AM EDT

Name: "Dave"

I think the show is boring and stupid.  But I mean, it's on network primetime tv, so you shouldn't be surprised that they're using popular music.  They all suck, as was obvious before the show started.  I'd much rather see a show called "circus" but I'm sure that it wouldn't be nearly popular enough to be on tv.  I guess I'm a little bias because I hate reality shows and anything to do with celebrities.

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