3 Balls Behind the Back Blind (3BBB) Workshop

‘The Easy Way’


·        December 26, 2006 - Komei Aoki releases “Komei Aoki in Thai” (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x6uLcx5Qu7s)



·        The above video introduced me to 3BBB with straight elbows.



·        2 yrs later, December 29, 2008, Komei releases “Komei 2008 Style #2” (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dNWgi4Niws8)



·        Here he branded “pinball juggling” both in front of the body and behind.



·        Komei is responsible for popularizing this style and, as far as I know, is the only person who can run 5BBB for any length of time.



·        Though 3BBB Pinball Style (The Easy Way) can be performed with most any ball, it is easiest with a “Russian” style ball because of the slow roll and absence of bounce against the inner elbow.



·        Very important to do wrist warm-ups before attempting “pinball” style tricks.



·        Checklist for Pinball Cascade in Front



o   Lean back slightly



o   Arms in front yet flush with chest/stomach



o   Elbows straight



o   Throw with the wrist, aim for forearm



o   Flipper fingers face each other



·        Checklist for Pinball Cascade Behind the Back Blind:



o   Stand tall and erect, leaning ever so slightly forward



o   Arms in back, straight, flush with sides, no “holes” for balls to escape



o   Throw with the wrist.  Throw “into” your back. 



o   Aim for the forearms, relax your shoulders



o   Balls mostly stay below the lower back.



o   Flipper fingers face each other



·        Fun entrances



o   Reverse backcross



o   Neck catch, headplant



o   “Annoying Parrot”



·        Best exit is a backcross



·        Fun exercise – play with “escaping” balls from 3BBB.



·        Challenge – Shower BBB! I’m still working on it :-/



·        Other fun exercise – hook up video camera behind you and watch BBB!